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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your granola gluten-free?

While we are still working on certifying that our finished granola products are completely gluten-free, the main source of any gluten contamination therein would be coming from the oats, and we are now exclusively using Certified Gluten Free Oats!

While oats are naturally gluten-free, there is a big issue with wheat-based cross contamination, and for people with Celiac, it is a risky endeavor to eat products heavy in non gluten-free oats.  As such, this was a big deal for some of our customers, and therefore a big deal for us!

We will keep you informed as our certification process progresses...

How long does your granola last?

We suggest keeping the granola for up to 3 months. Our granola does not contain any artificial preservatives, so it will taste best and have the best texture the sooner you eat it. However, we get the feeling that once you try a bite, we don’t think shelf life will be a big problem...

How long does your nut butter last?
Our nut butter lasts for 6 months on the shelf. However, we recommend eating the nut butter within 3 months after opening the jar for optimum freshness. Storing the nut butter in the refrigerator will prolong how long it keeps.

Do your nut butters require refrigeration?
The short answer is no, our nut butters do not require refrigeration... but refrigerating them will help to minimize oil separation. Since our nut butters are all-natural, the oil will separate slightly...the JIF's and Skippy's of the world add stabilizers and hydrogenated oils to help eliminate the natural process of oil separation. It is really up to you... you can store them at room temperature for several months without any problem other than some slight oil separation, or you can give them a good stir and put them in the fridge to help keep the oil separation at bay. One additional side note, if you do choose to refrigerate our nut butters, you will still find them eminently spreadable straight from the fridge... another benefit of being all-natural and not using other stabilizers such as palm oil.

If you find that you have any other questions that we have neglected to address here, fill out our feedback form and we’ll be happy to get back with you as soon as possible.